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  2. Dad Spends 15 Years as a Janitor to Put 5 Kids Through College via

  3. "My 7-year-old wrote a letter to Donald Trump and totally schooled him."

  4. . A letter to you from my 7-year-old. She's never wrong (just ask her), so you may want to listen.

  5. We are thrilled to welcome leading parenting bloggers and online influencers to the today for a conversation on !

  6. . I don't want to sleep like a baby; I just want to sleep like my husband. ;)

  7. 17 Other Uses for Children via cc: (nothing personal)

  8. Kids Can Sue Parents for Posting Their Photos Online via

  9. 10 signs you might be totally blowing this parenting thing:

  10. 10 Divorce-Worthy Crimes Committed by Husbands via

  11. I'll Wear My Pajamas to School Drop-off If I Damn Well Please via

  12. We're waiting for some final numbers on stock show attendance before making a decision.

  13. A man fur sighting in its natural habitat: An Aspen bank.

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  15. Merry Christmas from Special Oddcasions. And the Jews.

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